Scottish Buffalo Mozzarella

Award-Winning Scottish Buffalo Mozzarella

I am thrilled to have become Scotland's first and only producer of Buffalo Mozzarella, lovingly made with milk from our own herd of Water Buffalo on our farm here in the Kingdom of Fife.

What I am most proud of is the quality of Buffalo Mozzarella we have achieved. Having visited many of the top mozzarella farms in Italy and Ireland, I knew how high the bar was set and I was determined to create a product that could challenge the very best.

And I think we have achieved just that.

We now have a Buffalo Mozzarella which is sumptuously creamy, full of flavour with a wonderfully soft texture - just the way it should be.

We think it is very special and were thrilled to be awarded Silver at the World Cheese Awards in 2022!

The Buffalo Dairy Team

The Head Cheese - Jim Ritchie

With over 36 years in the dairy farming and manufacturing industry, Jim has unrivalled experience in mozzarella production and is the ideal person to support Steve in delivering his vision. Jim has been manufacturing cow-based mozzarella for over 25 years and has been responsible for setting up a number of factories, some of which can list Dominos Pizza and Pizza Hut as their customers, producing over 160 tonnes of mozzarella per week. 

Our Head Cheesemaker - Juan Vicente Reggeti

Juan was born and raised on his family’s farm in Venezuela, where they look after a herd of around 1200 buffalo. In fact, Juan’s grandfather was a bit of a pioneer like Steve as he was the first farmer to bring water buffalo to Venezuela some 60 years ago. The Reggeti family have become one of Venezuela’s leading producers of Buffalo Mozzarella. Juan has a degree in Agricultural Engineering, has over 5 years of farm management experience and as if that wasn’t enough, he has also studied a 6-month artisan cheese making course. 

The Journey of Scottish Buffalo Mozzarella

It has been always been part of my dream to produce Buffalo Mozzarella, but for too long, it felt almost untouchable.

When Gordon Ramsay came to the farm and made buffalo mozzarella as part of his TV programme "The F Word" all those years ago, it felt a little more realistic and gave me more encouragement that it could be done..I also had Nick Nairn encouraging me from day one after appearing on Tricky Business and repeatedly on his Landward show.

I just needed to find a way.

I have had so many highs and lows on the journey, with potential investors coming in, additional buffalo being bought, only for the whole thing to fall through. Indeed it was all captured in glorious colour by the guys at This Farming Life.

Thankfully, it was not the end.  We had received incredible support from our customers and from fans of This Farming Life.

We developed and launched our Founders Club and the response was mind-blowingly humbling.

The campaign raised an incredible £880,000 in funding from our founders and supporters which, together with grant funding and some additional investment, we managed to bring our dream to reality.

And so the real journey starts here - and we are more excited than ever.

Watch this space.

What Are People Saying?

We have been overwhelmed with the response we have received from customers already - check out just some of the initial feedback:

"Glorious. Something really, really special" - Nick Nairn, Michelin Star and TV Chef

"Omg... so good. I had it mainly on pizza but had to eat some before it made it to the pizza, and some turned into some more and a bit more.... this will be a regular on my shopping list. I have never had mozzarella like it, so fresh and tasty."

"Had our mozzarella with tomato and a drizzle of balsamic glaze, absolutely delicious! Looking forward to buying more."

"Waited excitedly for this day! Scottish made Buffalo Mozzarella from Scottish milked Buffalo & it was worth the wait. So tasty & creamy. The normal shop-bought products we’ve been used to bears NO comparison. Flavourful & fresh. Yum. Another great product from The Buffalo Farm."

"So tasty, fresh and creamy but with a flavour which is often lacking in some mozzarella. Not stringy either. If you are often disappointed with mozzarella you have to try this one. Well done to all the team for their commitment in  bringing the only Scottish buffalo mozzarella to market."

Where Can I Buy Scottish Buffalo Mozzarella?

You can buy our delicious Scottish Buffalo Mozzarella at the following outlets

We are also delighted to be featured by a number of eateries across Scotland from pizza parlours to some of the finest restaurants

If you are interested in stocking our Scottish Buffalo Mozzarella or adding it to your menu, please contact us now.

Buffalo Farm Resellers

The Buffalo Farm Dairy

 We are very proud of our state of the art dairy facility at the Buffalo Farm, and we have so many fantastic plans for our Buffalo Milk.

Of course, the primary focus of our dairy facility is our Buffalo Mozzarella. However, we have already been working on developing other products - look out for more news soon.

First up is our delicious range of ice cream, and can I say it is unbelievably good - even if I do say so myself. Incredibly creamy, wonderfully rich, packed full of flavour. Available in the following flavours

  • Buffalo Milk Ice Cream
  • Mint Choc Chip
  • Chocolate
  • Raspberry Ripple
  • Strawberry
  • Salted Caramel

Available from our Milk Bar and Grill, our Boglily Farm Shop and the following retail partners

  • Whats for Tea Tonight Farm Shop
  • Crieff Food Company
  • Blairs, Glenrothes
  • Greens of Crossford
  • Blacketyside Farm Shop, Leven
  • Post & Pantry, Aberdour
  • Blair Drummond Smiddy Farm Shop
  • Sterling Homestore – coming soon
  • Craigie's – coming soon

Buffalo Farm Resellers