About Us

The Buffalo Farm was established with the aim of producing meat to sell primarily at farmers markets. We have developed from there and now run three butcher shops, a busy event catering business as well as supplying a growing portfolio of restaurants and hotels.

We are passionate about our animals and how they are looked after and fed.  We use traditional farming methods with as little intervention as is best for the animals, for example medication is only given when absolutely required and is not routinely administered. Animals that require medication are kept out of production for twice as long as is normally required. Although we are not registered organic farmers we do follow many of their principles. All of the buffalo, beef and lamb that we produce are on grass based diets, they are fed a minimal amount of natural cereals in the winter months.

In our butcher shops we like to engage with our customers and help them get the best from our meat and the different cuts available, be it for fine dining or providing the everyday essentials.

Most of the meat we sell is from our own animals. However, for added variety, or where we cannot satisfy demand with our own produced meat, we also sell meat from a few local suppliers. We apply the same standards to the meat that we bring in as the meat we produce ourselves. Our shops have a strict traceability system so we can always tell you the exact source of the meat you are buying. We are privileged to have an excellent team of butchers working throughout the business who are on hand to help choose the best cuts and are flexible with regards portion sizes.

Water Buffalo

Our Speciality! It comes highly recommended. Our buffalo has received several celebrity endorsements, most notably from Gordon Ramsay when our business and animals featured on his popular F-Word show.

The attractions to the water buffalo are countless, they produce a very healthy meat that is lower in cholesterol, higher in mineral content and less than half the fat content of conventional lean beef. 

Perhaps the reason for their excellent flavour is that they are the same animals they were thousands of years ago as they have not been subject to many of the modern intensive farming practices.

If you like good beef you’ll love buffalo, many people describe it as how beef used to taste!

The vast majority of the Buffalo meat we supply is from our own animals. On rare occasions we buy in Buffalo from one trusted supplier.

Aberdeen Angus Beef

This is either from our own herd or sourced from reputable breeders of Scottish Aberdeen Angus

We are currently building our numbers to adjust to the increased demand for our beef.

Angus-Beef is renowned around the world for its superior eating.

We maximise the quality by hanging the prime hind quarter on the bone for a minimum of 21 days and usually nearer 30 days. The hind quarter produces the majority of the tender steak cuts, fillet, sirloin, ribeye and t-bone as well as the classic roasting joints such as topside, silverside and rump.

Lamb and Mutton

We established our own flock of Jacob sheep in the summer of 2007, in addition we work closely with the Munro family in Ladybank who help us maintain a constant supply of fantastic local lamb. Our Mutton is available seasonally; please ask one of our butchers for more details.


(only available from us in our shops or through our click and collect service.)

We source much of our pork between my Aunt and Uncle’s highly esteemed Puddledub Pork range and pigs produced at Craigie’s Farm. The bacon and gammon Puddledub produce is described by many as the best in Scotland and I would say for one it is the best I have ever tasted. We have also opted to stock Robertsons of Adrossan Quality Scottish Bacon, a slightly cheaper alternative to the Puddledub dry-cure range.



(only available from us in our shops or through our click and collect service.)

We stock whole Barn Reared Scottish Chickens from Halls Direct. If you want free range chickens we can get them in with a week's notice from the fantastic Gartmourn Poulty, a local business based in Alloa.

Wild Boar and Game 

(only available from us in our shops or through our click and collect service.)

Hilton Wild Boar supply us with their wonderful boar from Perth the meat is lean and exceptionally flavoursome rangingfrom mild and delicate to rich and gamey. The most tender cuts are from the loin but all cuts produce delicious results by utilising a range of cooking methods and accompaniments . We also stock wild venison, rabbit and pheasant when in season.

We now have Fife Farmed Venison available all year round, it is proving very popular with our customers.

Quail eggs

(only available from us in our shops, farmers market stalls or through our click and collect service.)

We have a small number of quail just now but will be increasing their numbers. Initially we will be selling Quail Eggs and making Mini Scotch Eggs for sale in the shops sometimes too, snap them up when you see them.

Quail eggs are delicious and nutritious. They are quick cooking and fun and definitely worth a try!