Discover Why Buffalo is Healthier than Beef, Pork & Chicken

Buffalo Meat Health Benefits

Discover Why Buffalo is Healthier than Beef, Pork & Chicken

Posted by Sean Kennedy

5th September 2017

Here at the Buffalo Farm, we're always going on about how amazing Buffalo meat is and it's not only down to the fantastic flavour, but also how healthy it is compared to other meats!

Buffalo is a very healthy meat that is:

  • lower in cholesterol
  • higher in mineral content
  • and less than half the fat content of conventional lean beef.

But not only that, it's also healthier than pork, lamb and chicken!

While on a (top secret) trip to Italy, we came across this table which explains it perfectly (see the 2nd table for the English version):

While it's not quite a winner in the protein category (although still a pretty high %), it excels when it comes to fat % and cholesterol mg, plus is one of the best in terms of calories. AND it's the highest in iron which probably isn't surprising right?

And when compared to 100g Pork (calories 297, protein 25.7%, fat 20%) it's still a winner! 

As well as buffalo being super healthy, our water buffalo has also received several celebrity endorsements, most notably from Gordon Ramsay and Paul Hollywood.

So, what are you waiting for? Try it today! We have a fantastic selection of different cuts to choose from including roasts, burgers, steaks and more.

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