Livestock for Sale


We always welcome enquiries from other farmers and small holders who may be interested in starting or adding to an existing herd of water buffalo.

As one of the original Buffalo Farmers in Scotland I take great pride in being able to pass on our experience with these wonderful animals and help new starts establish. 

We genuinely believe there is enormous potential for Buffalo farming within the UK, the animals are well suited to the climate, and current meat market trends, being a naturally healthier red meat.

All age and classes are readily available including young stock, maiden heifers, in calf heifers, in calf cows, cows with calf at foot and un-related breeding bulls.

We are also happy to supply carcasses for people who are wishing to test the market for buffalo meat in their area. 

Typical values for all the above would range between £700 to £1500 dependant on what you are looking to purchase.

Feel free to contact Steve directly to answer any questions and to arrange a visit.

                Email     [email protected]

                Office    01592 646252

                Mobile   07789865575