Local Good Cause Campaign

As a company deeply committed to giving back to our community, Buffalo Farm has developed an innovative approach to contribute to the as many local good causes as we can. We understand the importance of charitable work and its impact on society, which is why we are excited to present our Local Good Cause Campaign - a mutually beneficial collaboration that will offer support to your cause while showcasing the diverse offerings of the Buffalo Farm.

The Buffalo Farm is not just about quality meats; we're about community, partnerships, and making a difference. We receive numerous donation requests from various charities and local causes, each deserving of support. However, we believe in creating a lasting impact.

We're thrilled to team up with East Fife Football Club 2014's. They are fundraising for the team to be able to travel and take part in the Ayr Football Tournament in May 2024. 

 For the next two weeks, we're dedicating 10% of all sales from our Buffalo Taster Pack directly to The East Fife Football Club 2014's.


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