Meet the Animals at Boglily!

Meet the Animals at Boglily!

Posted by Sean Kennedy

5th April 2018

Not only do we have our Farm Shop at Boglily filled with delicious products, we also keep a few permanent guests who love to say hello to our visitors! Bring the kids along on your next visit - they're sure to keep them entertained!


Pygmy Goats

Our group of Pygmy goats are so much fun! Adopted by Sarah and kept purely as pets, they’re very friendly and love attention. We have 5 adults plus their kids - say hello to Willow, Ginger, Pepper, Pea and Pumpkin!
They are known for being very affectionate if treated with love and respect. The average lifespan of a Pygmy Goat is 10-15 years.


Our male emu is called Bog and our female is Lily, named after this very farm! Lily lays eggs in the winter but it’s Bog who sits on the eggs and then rears the brood! 
The way to tell our emus apart is to listen carefully - Lily is the drummer of the pair! You’ll hear her making a booming noise in her throat to let everything know this is her territory so listen closely to work out who’s who!

Talking Turkeys

Our talking turkeys are like a comedy duo - they’re never quiet for long because if you talk to them, they’ll talk back! Both are males and are called Gobble and Gobble as we can never tell them apart!

We keep them here as pets as they are very entertaining. These guys are extra special too as they are Bourbon Red Turkeys which are a very old breed and very rare - you certainly won’t find any others like them that’s for sure!