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Your Complete Catering Butcher

We pride ourselves on delivering a range of superior quality products that enhance our clients’ businesses.

This is because we are in complete control of the process. Our animals enjoy the very best care and attention from breeding through to feeding. We also pride ourselves on how our animals are transported and handled pre-slaughter.
Our highly skilled inhouse butchery team use traditional seam butchery techniques to provide a better cut of meat with a more consistent end result in the kitchen.

The following provides an overview of the different high quaility meats we offer to our wholesale customers: 

Puddledub Buffalo
Bursting with flavour, lower in cholesterol and less than half the fat content of beef, our Buffalo meat provides chefs with a superb opportunity to create unique and delicious dishes that become the talk of the town.

Check out our full retail selection of Buffalo meat here

Buffalo Farm Grass Fed Beef
Reared in our beautiful Fife pastures, our prime beef is hung for a minimum of 21 days but can be tailored to suit individual clients. We predominantly work with Aberdeen Angus as we believe they produce the most consistent quality beef.

Check out our full retail selection of Beef here

Juicy Jacob Lamb
Our Juicy Jacob Lamb simply melts in the mouth. It is also one of the leanest and most delicious meats on the market. Low in fat and cholesterol and high in protein, this is the perfect meat for the health conscious and lovers of fine foods. We are noting a big increase in demand for Mutton, it’s evidently back in fashion!

Check out our full retail selection of Lamb here

Buffalo Farm Prime Venison
Farm reared to guarantee consistently tender and juicy meat, as well as being a good source of iron, vitamins and low in saturated fats! As we supply farmed Venison, we are absolutely certain the meat is in prime condition which means the flavour is possibly a little lighter than wild venison.

Check out our full retail selection of Venison here

Auchtertool Angus 6 Week Dry Aged Beef
This is our premium range which is only produced using certified Aberdeen Angus beef. Dry Aging is a traditional method of creating exceptionally tender beef. The process uses the meat’s natural enzymes along with the passage of time, to slowly tenderise the meat and enhance the flavour of our wonderful grass fed beef.

Pork and Poultry
We have scoured the country to offer the finest poultry & pork to complement our own range of products.

Check out our full retail selection of Pork here
Check out our full retail selection of Poultry here



COMING SOON Buffalo Mozzarella! 

It’s always been part of the vision and we are now looking at an ambitious development programme to turn our dream into a reality.

The project would see a purpose-built facility for dairy farming with the production of Buffalo dairy products and our flagship Buffalo Mozzarella.

We are now looking to receive expressions of interest from retail outlets, farm shops and restaurants who would be interested in stocking and using our products.

To find out more and register your interest, click here



If you would like any more information on any of our products or would like to discuss your requirements - we would be more than happy to help you out!

Phone us on 01592 646252 or send us an email to orders@thebuffalofarm.co.uk