Native Gold Scotch Beef Boneless Brisket

Native Gold Scotch Beef Boneless Brisket

A cut taken from the fore quarter which is great slow roasted.

Alternatively the Brisket is ideal for pot roasting or braising.


The best beef brisket I've ever tasted. Slowly cooked on a bed of root veggies and red wine in the oven and served with roast potatoes and Yorkshire pudding, absolutely superb.

by JOHN KILLEAN [view]

Wthout any doubt this was the best beef brisket we have ever had - and that's no mean feat when you consider that we're quite discerning.

Naming no names we tend to buy our meat from a few reputable online sources rather than supermarkets or even our local butchers (who have sadly proven to be variable in their quality) and prefer to buy Scottish beef for its' flavour over some of the more-specialist breeds or longer-hung varieties sometimes offered elsewhere.

Having sampled a Buffalo joint already (and enjoying that hugely) together with a varity of this company's other products, we though we should try a bit of beef - and slowly cooked in our preferred manner this turned out to be as near to perfection as I believe you could get. That's not so much the result of my culinary skills - it is far more the quality of this meat which is the star.

As a result we will be buying more of this brisket for sure, as well as other joints.

Yes, it is that good.


by Mr Robert H Fyfe [view]

Oven roast or braise

Keep refrigerated and use within 3 days of purchase. If freezing freeze on day of receipt.

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