The Buffalo Farm Premium Local Pork Double Loin Chop

The Buffalo Farm Premium Local Pork Double Loin Chop

We cut our Buffalo Farm Premium Local Pork T-bones thick, to make the most of the fillet and sirloin separated by the bone.

A delicious succulent steak. 

Sold individually with a minimum weight of 360g - that's just over 12oz if you are wondering.

Bred and reared at Clentrie Farm in Auchtertool, Steve's Aunt and Uncles farm, just a few miles away from us. They believe that healthy, happy pigs which are well cared for make great tasting, flavoursome and succulent pork. 

Choose from either our delicious Char Siu pork steaks or plain to enjoy or season as you wish, 


Had the Char Sui Chops tonight and they are absolutely delicious. Will definitely be buying again and would highly recommend.

by Elaine Pearson [view]

For details of this product, please speak to a member of our team

Best grilled or pan fried and finished in the oven 

Keep refrigerated and use within 3 days of purchase. If freezing freeze on day of receipt.


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