Mozzarella Update 17th July 2020

Mozzarella Update 17th July 2020

Posted by Sean Kennedy

17th July 2020


Now that things are starting to calm down a bit, I am able to provide you with a bit more of a regular update on the progress being made with the Buffalo Mozzarella project. 

I am delighted to say that our main contractor, Robinsons, is making excellent progress and we are now pushing them to accelerate the programme so that we can try to get in a little quicker and allow the Buffalo to settle in to the new set up before calving in October.

Today (Friday) will see an awful lot of concrete being poured - and the weather looks good so we should make good progress there. We are also starting to finalise some of the finer details and we will be looking at our Founders Wall very shortly - I will give you an update on that at a later date

We are also starting to progress the packaging and finalising the branding to coincide with the first production runs - again I will keep you posted.

Look out for further updates coming soon.