Buffalo Farm Mozzarella Crowdfunding

Buffalo Farm Mozzarella - Help Us Make it Happen

Since launching in August, we have had a phenomenal response to our Founders Club - a unique opportunity to be a part of creating something special in Scotland – so much so that we have now achieved our initial £800,000 target!

The number of people who have gotten involved and supported our dream to become Scotland’s first producer of Buffalo Mozzarella is amazing, and I am delighted to see the Buffalo Mozzarella project starting to become a reality as we move onto the next stages of the project.

Even though we have reached our inital target, the Founders Club is still very much open!

We would love for everyone to get the chance to enjoy the fantastic rewards and benefits that come with being a member and so it will run until the end of the year at least, when we will review it.

Every penny raised takes pressure off the project and reduces the amount we need to borrow from the lovely people at the bank - as I’ve always said, I would much rather our customers were able to enjoy the rewards and see a return on their investment than having to pay interest to the bank.

However, we have decided to close the Executive Founders Club as we would like to keep that exclusive to the people who supported us in the fundraising process

If you have any questions, please feel free to drop us an email to founders@thebuffalofarm.co.uk or phone us on 01592 646252 or pop into Boglily Steading!

Thanks again for all your support and hopefully you will see our Founders Club as a fantastic opportunity.



Buffalo Farm Founders Club

Our Founders Club is still available to join – it’s such a fantastic deal for those who want to get involved and we don’t want anyone to miss out. You'll find a brief overview of the membership benefits below but for full information, please download your pack from the following link

So, how can you help us make it happen? Join one of our membership clubs and enjoy fantastic rewards!

Buffalo Farm Supporters Club

  • Your name will be inscribed on the wall of the Buffalo Farm Mozzarella production facility as a permanent record of everyone who supported the project
  • The chance to buy the first batch of mozzarella produced
  • Tour of the Buffalo Farm (May – September 2020)
  • Membership card entitling you to additional benefits throughout the year.
  • A VIP invitation to our ‘Buff in the Barn 2020’ launch party next Summer!

Buffalo Farm Founders Club

  • Same benefits as Supporters Club
  • Annual product vouchers equal to 10% of your membership subscription
  • You and a guest can enjoy a personal tour of the Buffalo Farm
  • A complimentary pack of Mozzarella from the first full production run
  • 20% discount on hiring the Bothy as an events venue - subject to availability 
  • 20% discount on private catering
  • The opportunity to name one of our buffalo over the 4 year period

Want to get involved? Click the button above to download your Founders Club Information Pack.


Buff in the Barn 2020 - Buy Your Tickets Now

We’re really looking forward to our massive ‘Buff in the Barn 2020’ launch party next Summer and now you can buy tickets to the event! 

Click here to buy your tickets

All money raised from the tickets will go towards our mozzarella fund so it's a great way to get involved in our project! Even if you don’t fancy it yourself, this could be a fantastic Christmas present for a loved one

It's a great way to say thank you to everyone who has supported our Buffalo Mozzarella fundraising and also an excuse to celebrate with our amazing customers and followers.

We will have the fantastic Jim Smith, farmer and comedian, performing on the night as well as live music, a BBQ banquet, drinks and more!


Private Tours with Steve

For anyone seriously interested in becoming a Founders Club Member, you are invited to book a private tour of the mozzarella site with Steve to discuss our mozzarella plans and founders club options.

Steve has tried to clear his diary as much as possible to accommodate as many people as possible.

Each tour will take 45mins and will include a tour of the mozzarella plant site with Steve as well as an in depth view of our mozzarella facility plans. Plus, you'll also get to enjoy a free coffee and cake in the Bothy before/after the tour! 

Each time slot is for a maximum of 4 people and tickets will cost £10 each (which will be refunded if you sign up to our Founders Club)

To organise a private tour please call us on 01592 646252 or email founders@thebuffalofarm.co.uk with your preferred date and time 

Please know that there won't be any hard selling and there's absolutely no obligation to sign up to our crowdfunding if book a tour - we just want to give people the opportunity to find out more, especially if you are interested but still just not quite sure.

**Please note - these tours are specifically for those who are interested in joining our Founders Club. We will be looking to arrange family friendly tours at a later date.**


Downloaded the Pack Already and Want to Join our Founders Club? 

Have you read through the pack and decided you want to be part of making mozzarella in Scotland by joining our Supporters Club, Founders Club or Founders Executive Club? That's great news! 

Simply click on either of the buttons below to head to the next stage - you can purchase your membership online or through our downloadable application form