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50% OFF Frozen Christmas Stock!


Yes you heard correct - we have some stock left over from Christmas which is frozen and still just as delicious! With Free Range Chickens, Turkeys and Stuffing all available with a massive 50% off, these delicious goodies are not just for Xmas, they would make great dinners for Mother's Day, Easter or even just a special Sunday Roast! 

Saturday 30th January - FREE Delivery to KY1 - KY7 postcodes!

Unfortunately the Edinburgh farmers market has been cancelled for tomorrow due to this horrible weather and the Kirkcaldy market looks like we will only be trading from vehicles - this means we have loads of stock that we need to get rid of!

As a way to still get our products to you, without you having to face the storm,  we have decided to offer a free delivery service to the KY1 - KY7 area on Saturday 30th January. or if you prefer come to Boglily Steading or the Kirkcaldy Farmers Market, Town Square to collect.

We are recruiting!

We are looking for candidates to fill the following positions:

Events Supervisor 
Event Staff

We pride ourselves on delivering high quality products, produced from our own Farm.

Everything is freshly cooked on BBQs and our unique BBQ train smoker and professionally prepared by our event staff.

We work long hours over a concentrated period of time; our main event season runs from June until mid-September.  

The Buffalo Farm on the F Word

Gordon Ramsay is well known for his, well let's just say straight talking. So when he decided to pay us a little visit we weren't quite sure what to expect.

Thankfully he turned out to be a real gentleman with nothing but nice things to say about Buffalo as he treated us to some fantastic Buffalo Burgers with Buffalo Mozzerella.

Check it out on the video below


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